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Typical word count guidelines for different types of writing

Social networks Characters
Twitter post 280
Facebook post 250
Instagram caption 138 - 150
YouTube description 138-150
Blogs, work Characters
Title 55-60
Meta Description 160
Blog posts 1000 -1500
LinkedIn article 2000

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WordCounter by ZeroGPT - The Ultimate Online Word Count Utility

What is Word Counter?

Word Counter is a free online word count tool that provides instant metrics on your written content. Our easy-to-use word counter delivers quick word, character, and sentence counts to optimize your writing.

We designed WordCounter for all content creators seeking to analyze their work. Bloggers, students, marketing teams, and anyone needing to count words can benefit.

Key Features of WordCounter

  • 100% free word counting tool
  • Instant word, character and sentence count results
  • Easily convert text between different letter cases: lower case, UPPER CASE, Sentence case, Title Case
  • Works on all devices and browsers
  • Accessible globally
  • Whether you're a freelancer meeting tight word limits, a website owner reviewing content, a student with an assignment, or an SEO expert optimizing descriptions, WordCounter by ZeroGPT can help. Experience faster, easier word counting to unlock your writing potential today!

    Why Choose Word Counter by ZeroGPT.cc?

    Save Time

    WordCounter provides instant word, character, and sentence counts, eliminating the need for manual counting. Get accurate metrics quickly to work more efficiently.

    Use for Any Content

    WordCounter works for all types of writing and content needs - from blog posts to essays, creative writing projects, social media captions, and more.

    Access Anywhere

    As a web-based tool, WordCounter can be used on all devices from anywhere with an internet connection. No downloads or installation needed.

    WordCounter is 100% free to use with no costs or fees. Get all the benefits of a premium word counting tool at no cost.